Support Pride


Why should you support Pride?


Pride has always been a protest, from it’s roots at the Stonewall Inn to a worldwide movement for human rights and equality, Pride matters.

Here in Scotland, since 1995, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (and our allies) have stepped out bravely into the streets to demand an end to hatred, discrimination and ignorance and to champion the cause for better human rights here at home and abroad.

For many, Pride is a celebration too!  It’s a chance to acknowledge and enjoy everything that’s been achieved for LGBT+ equality over many decades.  With whistles and flags and rainbows and smiles, LGBT people come out for their chance to reclaim public spaces and proclaim our right to be seen and heard.

These public marches and gatherings are a chance to embed the change we all seek for Scotland – to be an inclusive and welcoming country for all.  They challenge stereotypes and they challenge discriminatory views still held by some.

But most importantly of all, they offer all of Scotland’s LGBT+ people the chance to be themselves openly for at least one day a year in their local community – something the rest of society takes for granted.

There’s lots of other benefits too:

  • Pride boosts the local economy – with over 52,000 participants in 2018, Pride events bring people together and they spend money in the local area. Pride is worth an estimated £3.8million to Scotland’s economy in the past year.


  • Pride is open and inclusive for everyone in the community – we only support events that are free to access, ensuring anyone can attend Pride and be themselves whatever their circumstances.


  • Pride offers new skills and experience – almost 10,000 hours of volunteering time was contributed through Pride events in 2018 here in Scotland. Pride is one of the biggest ways LGBT+ people can get involved in community life, learning new skills and meeting new people, reducing their social isolation.


  • Pride events offer positive brand association – LGBT+ people are more likely to have a positive view of a brand if it’s seen to support Pride or LGBT initiatives.


  • Pride offers brand exposure – over 52,000 people took part in a Pride event in 2018 and thousands more were cheering on Pride marches through the streets of our towns and cities.


  • Pride can be positive for your staff – internal engagement on LGBT issues demonstrates your commitment to equality and diversity in the workplace.  A strong association with Pride helps cement this commitment internally.